How I want the VERY LAST episode of The Walking Dead to end.

"You may now kiss the bride" theĀ officiant says.

Maggie and Glenn smile at each other then press their lips together. Glenn wrapping his arms tightly around Maggie and dipping her. They stand up right and look out at their friends. The wind blowing, the sun high in the sky, and children running around in the background of their small wedding in the park. They look out at their friends; clapping and cheering. Daryl, Rick and Carl stand behind Glenn. Beth, Carol, and Andrea stand behind Maggie. Carl, holds up his little sister as she claps with a mile wide smile at her aunt Maggie and Uncle Glenn. Maggie throws the flowers and watches as Carol catches it. Maggie and Glenn run to their limo and get in. As they drive away; Hershel, Rick, Carl, Daryl, Judith, Carol, Beth, Andrea, and Michonne are all waving to their two friends who just got married. Rick looks over and sees Lori, she smiles and waves, mouths “Bye” and disappears into thin air. Rick smiles and says “Bye” back then they all walk off. And everyone is happy.